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How to Write with Coherence

Writing with coherence makes you a better writer In my book Write Now: Business Writing That Gets Results (p. 99), I talk about three ways to achieve good writing:  you need “paragraph unity, development, and coherence.” Paragraph unity and development are easy to understand. But the notion of coherence is a little more difficult to


Use Familiar Language For Digital Audiences

“I lost track of time” is a much more useful phrase that “i was chronologically discombobulated”, and while they’re both saying the same thing, you’ll lose a lot more readers by using the latter phrase. Keep your language to the point, easy to understand and familiar and you’ll keep your readers.


Sexist Language Makes You Look Bad

Avoid Sexist Language in Business Writing In today’s modern business climate it is essential to avoid discriminatory or sexist language. In our book Write Now: Business Writing That Gets Results, one tip Craig and I give for being professional and projecting the right tone in your business writing is avoiding sexist language (p. 84). For


10 steps For a Successful Business Meeting

A Successful Business Meeting is Productive Here are 10 steps for a successful business meeting.  If you follow these steps carefully, you’ll be more productive and build team collaboration. Things you need to do before a successful business meeting 1. When starting a new project, schedule a meeting at a convenient time with key people



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