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Encourage Critical Thinking in ESL Teaching

Introduction: Actively Engaged in Critical Thinking   Your students need to develop critical thinking skills. Do you want a way to bring the real world into your ESL classroom using teacher-created instructional videos, provocative reading and listening materials, and stimulating projects to teach critical thinking skills?  Actively Engaged in Critical Thinking (AECT) is a new online multimedia


Family Story Project: Lessons Students Learned

Introduction In a recent blog post entitled “Five tips on getting language learners to write a family story,” I described a family story project I created and used with upper level young adult English language learners at the college level.  In researching and devising the project, I discovered that, “The more children knew about their family’s history,


Five Tips on Getting Language Learners to Write a Family Story

Introduction Ever since I started creating and publishing “communicative” learning materials back in the 80s, I have been a big fan of project learning, both in my classroom teaching and writing. In this post, I will describe a family story project that I recently created for young-adult intermediate to advanced English language learners. What is



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