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Start ESL Teaching Online The Quick Way

With the rush to teach online, teachers are asking many questions about tools, strategies and techniques they can use now to start ESL teaching online quickly.

An important question is what learning platform can I use to coordinate everything. 

ESL online teaching

I have a recommendation: the CEGEP English Moodle. Let me explain why this version of Moodle can help you.

Over the years, I’ve been using different learning platforms for my online English language teaching. I’ve had success with for my fully online course teacher training course. It works great, but it is costly. In doing blended or hybrid classroom teaching at College Saint-Laurent, I used with similar success. It is easy to create, publish and edit courses, but it is relatively expensive as well.

At Saint-Laurent where I teach, I’ve also used the college’s Moodle in the language lab for ESL online teaching. It’s a fantastic tool that has numerous features and benefits for teachers and students. 

  • Content management
    You can easily upload existing documents, pdfs, and videos to use with your learners. You can link to MS OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox to drag and drop files.
  • Quizzes and tests
    You can quickly create your own assessments. Students can upload their assignments as well.
  • Tracking students work
    Follow all student work on the site. You can misplace paper tests but not digital writing.

The pedagogical support at the College Saint-Laurent has always been responsive and helpful. However, the tech infrastructure and support have been erratic. When 25 or more students are using the college Moodle in the lab, the system is sometimes overloaded and shuts down. That can give you a few extra grey hairs, which I don’t need.

ESL online teaching with CEM

Now a “private” version of Moodle on the Labodanglais website for your ESL online teaching is available. is offering a new website offered to all ESL teachers as an immediate solution to your ESL online teaching needs. Cegep English Moodle, CEM for short, is a demo website that shows its power and functionality. It offers quick entry into online teaching as you rush to get online as soon as possible. 

You can have your own CEM course page–with your unique username and password–which you can customize to your teaching needs by contacting me.

Here are five great reasons to use CEM

1. Ready to Use 

CEM is a Free Moodle website that is available for you to use right now for ESL online teaching. There are no bureaucratic obstacles to get running immediately. Imagine having to wait in line with a hundred teachers for a college Moodle site. Just contact me to set up your unique CEM course.

2. Customizable

Once you learn how to use Moodle – if you haven’t used it before, it is easy to create your own course quickly. And you can share it with your students.

3. Reliable

It has fast, reliable tech support from founder, Nick Walker and his IT team. He usually solves issues within a few hours. Great service. With added server space on Labodanglais, CEM can handle large numbers of teachers and students working online.

4. Easy to Use

Students can easily upload oral assignments, using for example Screencast-O-Matic or Zoom in MP4. Students can also easily upload writing assignments done in MS Word. This is a great way for you to track students and give feedback on their assignments.

5. Free

It’s a free tool. You can create your own unique CEM course page at by contacting me now.

Pass this message on to your colleagues who need to start teaching online.

If you have any questions, please contact me at I’d be glad to help.

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