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Business Topic: Are You Saving Money?

We all know that it´s important to put money aside for your later years. But are people doing it? Writing in The Canadian Press, Linda Nguyen, reports on a recent poll from the CIBC. “A majority of Canadian respondents to a recent poll say they plan on putting money away for retirement this year, but the likelihood of


Business Listening: Coffee in the world

Are you a lover of coffee? What is your favorite brand of coffee? No matter where you live, you have probably tasted some hot coffee at a Starbucks Coffee cafe. The Saigon reports that the US-based company will start business in Vietnam in 2013. “Starbucks Coffee, the global top coffee chain already in over


Business Topics: Smartphones

Smartphones are taking over the world. Tablets too! Have a look at this article by John Koetsier who reports on current trends for smartphone use. “By the end of this current year [2013], 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use: 798 million of them will run Android, 294 million will run Apple’s iOS, and 45


Business English Practice Improves Writing

Business English Practice can Improve Writing Skills An excellent strategy to get Business English practice is to read online English-language newspapers. What are some of the best online newspapers? Do they offer free articles? Or do you have to pay for them? Find out by reading Simon Houpt’s report on newspaper trends for 2013, appearing


Business English Practice

Do you think it is possible to write a book in 20 minutes or less? In the following article, technological writer David J. Hill says that Philip M. Parker, a marketing professor, has written a library of books in the amount of time it takes you to walk to the corner store and back. After


Business Topic Listening Lesson: Auto Sales

How good are you with numbers in English? Non-native speakers often have trouble understanding and saying large numbers. In today’s Business Topic listening lesson, we review a report that appeared in The Globe and Mail on auto sales in Canada. Listen to the listening lesson without reading the text. Write down as many numbers as



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