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If you teach ESL academic writing with college-level learners, Actively Engaged in Academic Writing offers you a classroom-tested online multimedia course that maximizes student learning and motivation while simplifying your life as a teacher. The ESL academic writing course is brought to by Bokomaru Publications.

ESL academic writing made easy

Looking for stimulating ways to teach literary analysis? The course offers step-by-step explainer videos covering the key literary elements and terminology that bring literature to life. Six short stories are studied including Poe’s classic “The Black Cat” and a lesser-known masterpiece by Mary Webb, “Over the Hills and Far Away.”  There are engaging study questions for each of the stories with suggested answers for the teacher.


Course contents

Entertaining videos, clearly explained guidelines for effective writing, engaging projects, short stories, automated corrective feedback on ESL academic writing: Actively Engaged in Academic Writing has it all and more. There are 35 online videos, available 24/7, that keep even the most-challenged students from falling behind and support your teaching. Most videos are accompanied by formative assessments that reinforce learning. 

Looking for stimulating ways to help high-intermediate and advanced learners improve ESL academic writing? The course gives students practice in the five elements of effective writing, such as developing a clear thesis statement, creating well-developed paragraphs, and using sentence variety. Students also get plenty of practice in revising and editing their work with automated corrective feedback on writing tasks.

Looking for engaging projects that get students to practice real-life tasks in communicative situations? Do a family story project with your students which is fun, and in some cases has been a life-changing experience for some of my own learners. One student commented,

Learning about a family member and doing the whole interview process was really fun! 

Both the songwriting project and the film project have received similar accolades from students.

Looking for advice on how to teach a lesson?  Based on my experience in teaching the  material over the years, I offer suggestions for each lesson on how to teach the materials.

Teachers enjoy using the materials too. One teacher commented:

The course is very easy to navigate, the videos are very clear and straightforward, and the supporting materials are abundant and useful.”

Another teacher noted:

If you’re looking for ESL resources for writing, Frank’s materials make an excellent choice. Each aspect of writing is broken down into manageable modules that students can follow at their own pace.

Actively Engaged in Academic Writing (College level 103A – focusing on literary analysis, ESL academic writing, project-based learning) Find out how to order.

Lesson Plan: 12 lessons 

Lessons Web Companion Homework/web companion
Lesson 1

Short talk assignment

10 tips for giving a short talk

How to use Blogger.com

Introduce Virtual Writing Tutor

2.1 Introduction – preview questions

2.2 Do research

2.3 Take notes

Activity: Interview a classmate

Video 2.1

Video 2.2

Video 2.3

Do Pre-test

Do quiz video 2.2

Do quiz video 2.3

Lesson 2

1.1 Introduction – preview questions

1.2 Specific purpose

1.3 Debatable thesis

1.4 Literary analysis: introduction

Activity 1.2 Subject versus topic

Activity 1.3 Defining literary terms

Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat

The Black Cat: Study questions

Video 1.1

Video 1.2

Video 1.3

Video 1.4

Quiz: The Black Cat


Do quiz video 1.2

Do quiz video 1.3

Do quiz video 1.4

Lesson 3

1.5 Literary analysis: character, plot, point of view

1.6 Literary analysis: setting, style, theme

Activity 1.4 Understanding a thesis statement

Reading: Person, narrative, distance

Activity Understanding narrative

Activity Card Game: literary terms

Self-Assessment Worksheet 1 M1

Oscar Wilde, The Model Millionaire

The Model Millionaire: Study questions

Family Story project

Activity 1 Project background

Activity 2 Interview preparation

Video 1.5

Video 1.6

Quiz – The Model Millionaire

Do quiz video 1.5

Do quiz video 1.6

Do Final Quiz 1

Read Person, narrative, distance

Do Activity Understanding narrative, p.

Do Self-

Assessment 1, p.

Lesson 4

2.4 Think Critically

2.5 Paraphrasing

Family Story project

Activity 3 Transcription

Activity 4 Peer critique

Activity 6 Slideshow presentation

Ambroise Bierce, An Occurrence at Owl Creek

An Occurrence at Owl Creek: Study questions

Video 2.4

Video 2.5

Quiz – An Occurrence at Owl Creek

Do video quiz 2.4

Do video quiz 2.5

Lesson 5

2.6 Summarizing

2.7 Quoting

Self-Assessment Worksheet 2 M2 (103)

Family story presentations

Video 2.6

Video 2.7

Do video quiz 2.6

Do video quiz 2.7

Do Final Quiz 2

Do Self-

Assessment 2, p.

Lesson 6

3.1 Introduction – preview questions

3.2 Use simple sentences

3.3 Being clear and brief

3.4 Varying sentence structure

Songwriting project

Activity 1 Defining songwriting terms

Activity 2 Understanding AABA song form

Video 3.1

Video 3.2

Video 3.3

Video 3.4

Do video quiz 3.2

Do video quiz 3.3

Do video quiz 3.4

Lesson 7

3.5 Work on paragraph organization

3.6 Write coherently

3.7 Don’t plagiarize

Songwriting project

Activity 3 Planning your AABA song

Activity 4 Slideshow presentation

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Red-Headed League

The Red-Headed League, Study questions

Video 3.5

Video 3.6

Video 3.7

Quiz – The Red-Headed League

Do video quiz 3.5

Do video quiz 3.6

Do video quiz 3.7

Do Self-

Assessment 3, p

Lesson 8

4.1 Introduction – preview questions

4.2 Use an outline

4.3 Writing a draft

Mary Webb, Over the Hills and Far Away

Over the Hills and Far Away, Study questions

Card Game: Grammar talk

Songwriting project: presentations 

Video 4.1

Video 4.2

Video 4.3

Quiz – Over the Hills and Far Away

Do video quiz 4.2

Do video quiz 4.3

Do Self-

Assessment 4, p

Lesson 9

5.1 Introduction – preview questions

5.2 Revise

5.3 Edit

5.4 Proofread

Shirley Jackson, The Lottery

The Lottery, Study questions

Songwriting project: presentations

Video 5.1

Video 5.2

Video 5.3

Video 5.4

Quiz – The Lottery

Do video quiz 5.2

Do video quiz 5.3

Do video quiz 5.4

Do Self-

Assessment 5, p

Lesson 10

Film project

Lecture A: Why teach literature

Lecture B: What literature to teach

Lecture C: Using film

Activity 1 Film analysis

Activity 2 Film reviews

Activity 3 Questions about the novel

Lecture A

Lecture B

Lecture C

Film project

Do Activity 1 Film analysis

Do Activity 2 Film reviews

Lesson 11

6.1 Making it look right – preview questions

6.2 MLA Style Guide

6.3 Proper layout

Film Project

Activity 3 Film essay: analysis – Blade Runner

Activity 4 Film essay outline

Lecture D: Getting to talk

Video 6.1

Video 6.2

Video 6.3

Lecture D

Do quiz video 6.2

Do quiz video 6.3

Do Self-

Assessment M6

Film project

Do Activity 1 Film analysis

Do Activity 2 Film reviews

Lesson 12

Lecture E: Getting to write

Film Project speaking (expert group/ mixed group)

Lecture E
Bonus Material

Student discussion guide

Five-paragraph model for ESL academic writing

Essay writing checklist for revising and editing

How to analyze a play


Family story presentation

Midterm nonfiction-narrative writing test

Songwriting speaking

instructions (Virtual Writing Tutor)

Film project speaking

Final Film Essay Writing Exam instructions

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