Common writing mistakes

Hyphenated-phrasal adjectives

Troublesome Hyphenated-Phrasal Adjectives by Mark Nichol   Do you sometimes wonder when to use hyphenated-phrasal adjectives? When should we use a “hyphen” -? For example, we would write, “My long-term plans include writing several new online courses.” My students never seem to understand this fine point when writing in English. For more about this, here is …

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Common Writing Mistakes: Misplaced Commas

What’s wrong with these sentences? 1. In the post, “Writing a Draft,” Frank listed 11 tips for writing smartly. 2. Craig clearly explains some common mistakes in writing, such as faulty parallelism misplaced modifiers awkward sentences and missing transitions. 3. Running in the park Frank often comes up with new ideas for posts. 4. Frank …

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Faulty Parallelism

  Faulty parallelism shows bad writing What’s wrong with this sentence? Example: BEHQ’s vision is to offer weekly blog posts on business writing style and business topics of current interest, to create ebooks and ecourses, and working with affiliate partners. No, it’s not pie-in-the sky – an idiomatic expression meaning unrealistic – thinking. No, Frank …

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