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What is Learning for You?

Lifelong learning is essential to your growth as a person As an established educator and writer I am of course biased. For me, lifelong learning has always been essential to my growth as a professional as well as a person.  Even if you are just finishing college or university, you need to have the same


What is Your Career Vision?

What is the first step in building a successful and satisfying initial career? You have to start with a clear and succinct career vision. When I started my own career, I knew I wanted to be either a lawyer or a teacher. Fate had it that I would take the second path. However, I never


Do You have a Personal Branding Strategy?

A Personal Branding Strategy to Get to Know Yourself This piece on personal branding strategy is the third post in the series on personal branding. In the first post, Personal Branding Sets You Apart,  I defined personal branding.  I also talked about how to define your personal profile and communication style. In the second post,


Looking for Personal Branding Tips?

Personal Branding Tips to Put You First In my previous post, How does Personal branding set You apart?, I defined personal branding as the practice of marketing yourself. I also explained briefly how to start creating a personal brand, namely by knowing who you are. There are two parts to developing your personal brand.  Frist, you


How does Personal Branding Set You Apart?

Use Personal Branding to Put Yourself Ahead of the Crowd If you are a college grad or a seasoned professional like me, it is absolutely essential to have a personal brand. Don’t panic if the task in creating one seems overwhelming. I personally know colleagues who didn’t discover their personal brand until their 50’s or



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