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Three Resume Keyword Tips

3 Valuable Resume Keyword Tips to Get Ahead of the Competition   In my previous post, Why Resume  Keywords Are So Important,  I defined keywords as words and phrases that have real meeting to recruitment specialists.  I also gave examples of resume keywords.  Interestingly, “position title” is the most powerful keyword to use in your


Why Resume Keywords are So Important

Why are resume keywords so important? In  CV or Resume Writing Checklist, I listed 10 points to keep in mind when writing a resume. The tips come from our online multimedia course, “How to Get Hired” –  a must-have course for selling yourself. Here are the first three tips: 1.  Include appropriate contact information at


Smart Résumé Writing

Smart Resume Writing Ideas Welcome to the Competitive World Did you know that of any given 200 résumés, only 10 are error-free?  Would you believe that only five of these are clearly written with a focused message?  And it is these five résumés that get called for interviews – which is the top 2.5%. Interestingly,


5 Expert Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips That Set You Apart A colleague of mine once said to me: “Anyone can write a good resume.  What’s the big deal?”  I answered: “The big deal is that not everyone–including native speakers–can write a great resume.” In a previous blog post,  A CV or Resume Writing Checklist,  I shared 10 resume


Get a Tech Job

Do you Want to Get a Tech Job? To get a tech job at a major company, such as Google, Apple or Microsoft,  you need technical knowledge and skills, a certain amount of experience, talent and a lot of luck. There is one more thing you absolutely need to get a tech job – an


Think Like a Manager: Resume Bullets, Part 2

You Need to Take A Hiring Perspective By Liam Hickey, Guest Contributor Last time in Resume Bullets: Factual Bragging, we talked about writing effective resume bullets. Now, we’re going to expand on the part about how to think like a manager. The way we think affects everything we do … and the results we get.



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