10 steps For a Successful Business Meeting

group meetingA Successful Business Meeting is Productive

Here are 10 steps for a successful business meeting.  If you follow these steps carefully, you’ll be more productive and build team collaboration.

Things you need to do before a successful business meeting

1. When starting a new project, schedule a meeting at a convenient time with key people who are involved in the project.  Make a list of all the important people you need to contact.

2. Write up the detailed agenda in simple point form.  Here is an example.

  1. Welcome
  2. Review of monthly sales results
  3. Goals for next month
  4. Action steps
  5. Next meeting

3. Send participants by email one or two important documents that you want them to read before the meeting.

4. Ask one of the participants if the documents are correct  or if there are any other documents to add. Find out if the person has any questions.

5. Depending on where the participants are located, hold the meeting live or online with good conferencing software. For example, WebEx conferencing and AnyMeeting are effective tools that have many useful features, including  audio and video capabilities as well as the recording of meetings.

Things you can do during a successful business meeting

6. To stay focused, you can show participants a brief PowerPoint or Google presentation.

7. Share any other important documents that are mentioned during the meeting.

8. Share all documents with participants at a commonly accessible location. I like to use dropbox,  a secure online resource allows you to save and share documents.

Things you can do after a successful business meeting

9. Write up notes summarizing the important points made during the meeting send them to all participants. Make sure to stress the action steps to be taken before the next meeting.  Here is where good business English writing skills come into play. Our book, Write Now: Business Writing that Gets Results, can help you with this skill.

10. Schedule the next meeting.

If you get into the habit of following these simple steps, your colleagues will appreciate your organization and professionalism.

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