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British Language Use

Response to Frank on British Language Use Hi everyone! It’s Katie here. This week I’m going to be replying to Frank’s post about British language use.  In America there is a stereotype that Canadians are ridiculously polite. This used to be a stereotype about British people, but we’ve been too polite to say anything about


Do British Business People Speak Like This?

A question for my colleagues working in the UK: Do British business people speak like this?   David Paul, president of  the Association “Language Teaching Professionals,”  sent me a link to an amusing list of 30 expressions that the average British person uses. I’ve selected 15 of the more interesting expressions. I wonder if British


5 Things to Know When Writing For Baby Boomers

Be Open When Writing For Baby boomers This post on writing for baby boomers – my own generation – is the second in the series on how to write for different generations. As I point out in my book, Write Now and my post, Know Your Audience, shape the style and tone of your message


3 Proven Ways to Give an Effective Short Talk

I recently gave a 30-minute talk to a group of English second-language teachers about the features and benefits of using Moodle, a popular learning management system (LMS). The e-learning software tool was developed to help educators create online courses. I use it extensively in my own work. So I wanted to share my thrill in


10 Tips For A How-To Talk

Do you need to give a “how to” talk for your company? Follow the advice in this article and it will make the task of giving a demonstrative presentation easier. Use the case study as a guide to preparing your next “how to” talk and impress your listeners. In another article on giving an informative


Four Networking Strategies That Work

Face-to-face networking can bring great dividends Have you just completed your business degree and are looking to meet people to get a job interview? Are you the business manager of an IT company seeking alliances with other companies? Are you a small business owner wishing to generate leads for your company? Several years ago, I



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