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More Misadventures in English Grammar: U.K. vs. U.S. Spelling

There are a few of differences in vocabulary between British English and American English. Hearing an American say “I like your pants” could induce panic in a British person, who may assume that the American can see their underwear, rather than their trousers. Using the wrong words is not too serious a mistake, though, as


Functional language in email writing

The seventh post in the email writing series looks at functional language. These are expressions used for a particular purpose, such as expressing best wishes or giving a compliment. The more fluent you are in English the more proficient you are in saying exactly what you mean in different ways. Here are five language functions


Common e-terms used in email writing

In the previous post in the email writing series, we looked at some common acronyms used to speed up our communication. This sixth post examines the definition of 15 common e-terms that we use to write emails. If you use email frequently, you should know what “Cc“ and “Bcc” mean. Here are some e-terms associated


Business Topic: Are You Saving Money?

We all know that it´s important to put money aside for your later years. But are people doing it? Writing in The Canadian Press, Linda Nguyen, reports on a recent poll from the CIBC. “A majority of Canadian respondents to a recent poll say they plan on putting money away for retirement this year, but the likelihood of


Research Business Writing

A useful technique when writing informative reports is researching. Once you have narrowed down the list of points you want to cover, you must figure out how to obtain the information you want to talk about. Researching is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, you absolutely must do a good job of it, but


Business English Practice

Do you think it is possible to write a book in 20 minutes or less? In the following article, technological writer David J. Hill says that Philip M. Parker, a marketing professor, has written a library of books in the amount of time it takes you to walk to the corner store and back. After



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