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Good Writing is Important

Help Me Revise “Write Now.” Write Now helps you to learn good writing. I created my writing book, Write Now, to help intermediate and high-level non-native speakers of English to write better. The book is full of strategies, tips, and language examples. Write Now also has language activities that learners can use to improve their writing now. I want to


How Long Should a Sentence Be?

42 Daily Writing Tips by Mark Nichol  /  2d  //  keep unread  //  hide  //  preview A few years ago, I wrote a post titled “How Long Should a Paragraph Be?” which argued that various pronouncements that dictate paragraph length (expounded for the benefit of beginning writers, who presumably are aided by the introduction of a circumscribed formula for success in composition) should be


What are the Communication Skills Most in Demand?

Good communication skills: a must in today’s job market In my previous blog post, How can Soft skills help your personal branding?,  I listed the top 10 soft skills employers favored.  Interestingly, the top 3 soft skills are: 1) a strong work ethic, 2) dependability, and 3) a positive attitude.  Effective communication skills appears 8th on


Do British Business People Speak Like This?

A question for my colleagues working in the UK: Do British business people speak like this?   David Paul, president of  the Association “Language Teaching Professionals,”  sent me a link to an amusing list of 30 expressions that the average British person uses. I’ve selected 15 of the more interesting expressions. I wonder if British


Graduate Program Interview: 5 Successful Strategies for Grad Schemes

As you know, applying for a technology or business-related graduate program is a huge feat. You are probably a member of Wikijobs, you’ve already attended seminars and events, and have short-listed your companies. If you’ve submitted a series of applications, some will have responded with an invitation to psychometric testing. When you pass those tests,


How to Write a Personal Statement

We can help you to write your personal statement We had a question on our ask page recently about writing a personal statement for college; because it’s such an important piece of writing for everyone wanting to complete higher education, I thought I’d turn my answer into a blog post. A personal statement is the



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