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Personal branding tips
Personal branding tips

Personal Branding Tips to Put You First

In my previous post, How does Personal branding set You apart?, I defined personal branding as the practice of marketing yourself. I also explained briefly how to start creating a personal brand, namely by knowing who you are.

There are two parts to developing your personal brand.  Frist, you want to develop your physical personal brand based on how you look, what you say, and what you do. You also want to craft your online personal brand, using social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and having your own personal website if possible (I’ll soon be launching my own site: FrankBonkowski.com).

For advice on using social media to search for a job,  I highly recommend Joshua Waldman’s outstanding resource, Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.

Today, the workplace is changing so quickly. Job security is a thing of the past. You may spend only two or three years working for the same company. So you need to shift your focus. Don’t think of yourself as a loyal employee, but a competent professional with a distinct identity.

Susan Chritton is author of Personal Branding for Dummies.  She strongly recommends developing  a “personal branding mindset.” This is true whether you are a college grad or an experienced professional like myself.  Chritton outlines the difference between the “employee mindset” and the “personal branding mindset.” For example, don’t aim to be a “company person” indistinguable from others. Strive to understand how you and your personal brand provide the greatest value to the company.

Three personal branding tips that put you in charge of your career


Personal Branding tips #1. Think about your personal qualities

In the course, I suggest you begin by doing the following three things:

– First, think about how you felt in important situations

– Second, look at how you acted and reacted in critical moments.

– Third, ask for feedback about your personality and top qualities from those hwo know you best.

I suggest a long list of qualities ranging from assertive, confident, and focused to postive, self-motivated, and team oriented.

Personal Branding tips #2. Identify your communication style

In the course, I ask you to take the “Communication Style Quiz.” It identifies which of the four communication styles best describes you.

You’ll discover whether you are 1) a supporter, 2) a thinker or analyzer, 3) a promoter or doer, or 4) a controller or director.

Personal Branding Tips #3. Make a list of your special skills

In the next part of the course, you examine the skills or abilites that make you special. I present a case study featuring the skills of a master salesperson. Many of the skills are generic. You can apply them to yourself in different situations. These would include:

– Communicate in a clear and concise way.

– Act quickly in response to client needs.

– Write well (see Write Now: Business Writing That Gets Results.)



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