Do You have a Personal Branding Strategy?

A Personal Branding Strategy to Get to Know Yourself

Personal Branding Strategy
Personal Branding Strategy

This piece on personal branding strategy is the third post in the series on personal branding.

In the first post, Personal Branding Sets You Apart,  I defined personal branding.  I also talked about how to define your personal profile and communication style.

In the second post, Three Personal Branding Tips,  I recommended you:

  • Think about your personal qualities
  • Identify your communication style
  • Make a list of your special skills.

I came across a fascinating personal branding strategy in Waldman’s  Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.

Waldman recommends writing your own toast for your 75th birthday.  In other words, think about what you would want people to say about yourself between now and your 75th birthday.

This personal branding strategy reminded me of Stephan Covey’s famous statement “Begin with the end in mind,” found in his phenomenal book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. When we get clear on what we want said about us at the end of our life, we get a clearer picture of who we are right now.

Dr. Toni LaMotta, my mastermind partner, takes this personal branding strategy to an even higher level in her life-changing book, Embracing the Aging Process.  This book is not just for baby boomers like myself.  It provides food for thought for people of all ages, including college graduates crafting their own personal identity.

Here are 10 thought-provoking questions from her book that help you define who you are—your own life’s values and goals:

– What have you accomplished that you have loved and are proud of in your life?

– What people have been important in your life?

– How have they inspired or influenced you or you them?

– Have you contributed to your community in any way?

– How do you want to be remembered?

– What has been your unique contribution to humanity?

– What have you overcome in this life? What changes do you think you have made for the better?

– What are your favorite memories?

– What message do you want to leave behind with your children and your friends?

Which 3 questions do you like the most? I appreciate hearing from you.



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