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Interview Bloopers

Interview Bloopers: What Not To Say in a Job Interview Some people always seem to put their foot in their mouth, i.e., to say the wrong thing. According to Bill Lins, founder of Jobs4AllNow, people actually said these interview bloopers in real interviews. Interviewer: Why did you leave your last job? Interviewee: “I have a


Think Like a Manager: Resume Bullets, Part 2

You Need to Take A Hiring Perspective By Liam Hickey, Guest Contributor Last time in Resume Bullets: Factual Bragging, we talked about writing effective resume bullets. Now, we’re going to expand on the part about how to think like a manager. The way we think affects everything we do … and the results we get.


Resume Bullets: Factual Bragging

  Are Resume Bullets Really Important? By Liam Hickey, Guest Contributor Resumes. That’s what you want to read about, because it helps to get a good job, but your resume is missing something. You want to find that missing piece that will transform your resume into one that gets the interviews you want. So today, I


7 Ways To Use Social Media To Get A Job

Billions of people around the world use social media every day, but it can be used for more than selfies and showing your friends how much fun you had last weekend; social media can also be a useful tool to boost your career. Keep reading for some surprising statistics and 7 ways you can use


5 LinkedIn Mistakes You’re Probably Making

I’ve previously written about how to improve your LinkedIn profile, so you should already have a good presence on the site. Just in case you need some extra help, here are 5 common LinkedIn mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Your LinkedIn profile is empty. An empty or unfinished LinkedIn profile is worse than


3 Ways to Overcome a Rejected CV

A Rejected CV Can Be Very Stressful This post on overcoming a rejected CV is the seventh of a series of blog posts on how to get hired, aimed at non-native speakers of English looking for a job. So far I’ve shared a lot of information with you in this series. Some of the things



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