5 LinkedIn Mistakes You’re Probably Making

I’ve previously written about how to improve your LinkedIn profile, so you should already have a good presence on the site. Just in case you need some extra help, here are 5 common LinkedIn mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Your LinkedIn profile is empty. An empty or unfinished LinkedIn profile is worse than no profile at all.  It gives potential employers the impression that you have nothing interesting to say about yourself, or that you are too lazy to complete the process.

2. Your profile photo is a picture of your cat. Your photo should be professional and clearly show your face. It puts a face to your name and helps employers remember you. Cats and the Internet might go hand-in-hand but your profile photo is for faces not felines.

3. You never update your LinkedIn status. This is the number one LinkedIn mistake I see. You frequently tell your network on Facebook what you’re doing and you share your every thought on Twitter, but your LinkedIn status box is empty. Use it to share professional achievements, blog posts or thoughts on your career. Join groups and discussions to network on LinkedIn.

Join groups and discussions to network on LinkedIn.

4. You use the default connection request. This is a huge turn off for potential employers. Personalise your connection requests and you are more likely to be accepted.

5. You’re not actively using LinkedIn. Employers are not going to accidentally stumble across your profile. You need to reach out to professionals in your industry and build a network. A great way to do this is to join groups and take part in discussions.

Now you know how to avoid these common LinkedIn mistakes you are ready to start your job hunt!

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