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Looking for Personal Branding Tips?

Personal Branding Tips to Put You First In my previous post, How does Personal branding set You apart?, I defined personal branding as the practice of marketing yourself. I also explained briefly how to start creating a personal brand, namely by knowing who you are. There are two parts to developing your personal brand.  Frist, you


How does Personal Branding Set You Apart?

Use Personal Branding to Put Yourself Ahead of the Crowd If you are a college grad or a seasoned professional like me, it is absolutely essential to have a personal brand. Don’t panic if the task in creating one seems overwhelming. I personally know colleagues who didn’t discover their personal brand until their 50’s or


Three Resume Keyword Tips

3 Valuable Resume Keyword Tips to Get Ahead of the Competition   In my previous post, Why Resume  Keywords Are So Important,  I defined keywords as words and phrases that have real meeting to recruitment specialists.  I also gave examples of resume keywords.  Interestingly, “position title” is the most powerful keyword to use in your


Why Resume Keywords are So Important

Why are resume keywords so important? In  CV or Resume Writing Checklist, I listed 10 points to keep in mind when writing a resume. The tips come from our online multimedia course, “How to Get Hired” –  a must-have course for selling yourself. Here are the first three tips: 1.  Include appropriate contact information at


5 Tips for Using a Recruitment Agency

Why should I use a recruitment agency? You might be asking yourself this question if you are a recent university graduate or a young job seeker looking to improve your job prospects. Let’s look at why a recruitment agency should be a key part of your network of contacts. First,  I’ll explain how the process


Job Seeker Rights

Do You Know Your Job Seeker Rights? In a recent blog post, 8 Interview Tips from a Young Job Seeker,  Andrea said that it was important to “set limits to the interviewer’s questioning if, for example, the questions get too personal.” She wanted to be treated with respect and courtesy. Face-to-face with an interviewer, she



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