Get a Tech Job

Do you Want to Get a Tech Job?

Get a Tech Job

To get a tech job at a major company, such as Google, Apple or Microsoft,  you need technical knowledge and skills, a certain amount of experience, talent and a lot of luck.

There is one more thing you absolutely need to get a tech job – an impressive, even extraordinary, résumé to impress the HR person or hiring manager.

6 tips for writing a powerful résumé

In her informative book, The Google Résumé, Gayle McDowell  shares her personal experience in working at tech companies. Here are her 6 key recommendations about résumé writing to get a tech job:

  • Emphasize your accomplishments:  write about the things that you got done.  Use such expressions as “contributed to” and “participated in.”
  • Give the numbers:  don’t just say you “implemented changes,” but specify things like how much money you saved the company or how much you increased profits.
  • Tailor your résumé:  you need to tweak or modify your resume for each new position you’re applying to.  Know the kind of candidate the company is looking for by studying carefully the job description.
  • Use plain English:  even though you may be an expert in technical jargon,  you have to write your résumé in clear, plain English.  Make sure that the layperson can understand it.
  • Make your résumé perfect:  Avoid typos or spelling mistakes.  Be concise by using bullets to present your information. Have your grammar reviewed by someone else,  especially if you are a non-native English speaker.  Make your résumé look good by using proper margins,  spacing,  readable fonts, such as Arial.  Be consistent in the way you use formatting and punctuation.
  • Structure your résumé for maximum impact:  know what information to include  and highlight, and know how to present it in the proper order.  Show important company names for example, such as Cisco or Intel.

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