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Passive Voice Errors

Passive voice is a tricky beast on the SAT. Let us help you navigate the muddy waters. In the comments, tell us what you would like us to add. What’s wrong with these sentences? Many informative posts have been recorded by Craig. Business English HQ was created by Craig and Frank in 2012. BEHQ’s new


Major Pronoun Mistakes in Business Writing

Common writing mistakes creep up often. In this lesson, we review pronouns, which can be incredibly difficult. It’s important to note that non-native English speakers make pronoun mistakes all the time. The thing is, pronoun mistakes in writing are not completely ruinous of your meaning – that is, if you make a mistake, I will still


Common Misspellings in English

There are many common misspellings in English that creep up throughout your writing. It happens whenever you are writing fast, or when you think you know how to spell something and MS Word doesn’t fix your mistake. The thing is, these common misspellings in English are nothing to be embarrassed about. That is why we


Missing Transitions

Transitions make all the difference. In fact, without transitions, this sentence would not have as much weight or meaning. Transitions help you understand the flow of a sentence and they help you organize several sentences together. Let’s take a look. What’s wrong with this paragraph? Dr. Frank recently wrote a post about the pre-writing phase


Awkward Sentences

What’s wrong with this sentence? Example: Really, it’s kind of easy to write in English when you actually have an outline. This sounds more like spoken English rather than something you would write. Many of the words add little or no meaning to the sentence. So how would you fix the problem? Eliminate the unnecessary words


Grammar Mistake – Incorrect modifier

Incorrect modifier Let’s find out about the three kinds of incorrect modifier. Incorrect modifier 1: misplaced modifier What’s wrong with this sentence? After working for hours on a blog post, readers found it to be one of the best that Frank  wrote. The problem is not that readers write our blog posts, although we’re open to guest



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