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Questions for Research

I often use interviewing and surveying with subject matter experts or potential clients to gather information when doing writing research. Data and opinions help me make a good case when I am trying to be persuasive or come to a decision and then write about it. That really is the point of doing writing research


Business Topic Listening Lesson: Auto Sales

How good are you with numbers in English? Non-native speakers often have trouble understanding and saying large numbers. In today’s Business Topic listening lesson, we review a report that appeared in The Globe and Mail on auto sales in Canada. Listen to the listening lesson without reading the text. Write down as many numbers as


Writing Outline

Some people think it is busywork to create a writing outline. They think that they can wing their actual writing. Watch the video on creating a good writing outline to learn more, then scroll below the video to read the transcript.   For short documents, such as informal reports, they may be right. However, for


Brainstorming Tips

Brainstorming is essential for writing excellent business documents. If you brainstorm properly, you will be able to quickly write whatever it is you need written. You will also be able to write well and on topic. One of the worse things about reading poor writing is lack of direction in the author. If you write


Business Plan

In the following article, Zach Yeager of the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business, writes about the changing role of the business plan: “The business plan has long been a staple for anyone hoping to start a business. This lengthy document filled with charts, graphs and detailed financial projections is an excellent way for entrepreneurs


Awkward Sentences

What’s wrong with this sentence? Example: Really, it’s kind of easy to write in English when you actually have an outline. This sounds more like spoken English rather than something you would write. Many of the words add little or no meaning to the sentence. So how would you fix the problem? Eliminate the unnecessary words



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