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Critical Thinking Skills

Use critical thinking skills in report writing According to the American Management Association, critical thinking skills are an essential part of business success. Other important critical skills are effective communication, collaboration, and creativity. Critical thinking and problem solving—the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and take action as appropriate Effective communication—the ability to synthesize and


Develop Your English Writing Skills

Vladimir Horowitz, the famous pianist, once said, If I skip practice for one day, I notice. If I skip practice for two days, my wife notices. If I skip for three days, the world notices. Writing–just  like playing the piano–is a complex task.  But you can develop your English writing skills with practice.  One trick


Hyphenated-phrasal adjectives

Troublesome Hyphenated-Phrasal Adjectives by Mark Nichol   Do you sometimes wonder when to use hyphenated-phrasal adjectives? When should we use a “hyphen” -? For example, we would write, “My long-term plans include writing several new online courses.” My students never seem to understand this fine point when writing in English. For more about this, here is


Good Writing is Important

Help Me Revise “Write Now.” Write Now helps you to learn good writing. I created my writing book, Write Now, to help intermediate and high-level non-native speakers of English to write better. The book is full of strategies, tips, and language examples. Write Now also has language activities that learners can use to improve their writing now. I want to


The Power of Brevity

The power of brevity means writing less to be more effective.   In Write Now, I point out that “the  purpose of business writing is to get your point across clearly and concisely, without wasting your reader’s time.” Check out Danny Rubin’s amazing article, “Write less, say more: the power of brevity.” It gives you useful


Incorrectly Used Words

I often find incorrectly used words everywhere in my students’ writing. In Write Now, I show how difficult it easy to make the right word choice. Check out Jeff Haden’s excellent article, “75 Incorrectly Used Words That Make You Look Dumb.”  Refer to the list regularly to improve your writing. How many of these do



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