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Structuring a Presentation: Clearly Express Your Ideas

[block] In the article, My Top 5 Presentation Tips, I pointed out how to know your topic and audience, look your best, make eye contact, use gestures, and move around. Let’s now turn to structuring your presentation properly. Any high school student knows that a presentation, just like an essay, contains an introduction, a body


Persuasion: Winning Your Audience

How good are you at persuasion? Are you a job applicant selling yourself to a recruiter or an employer?  Do you need to talk publicly? If so, you need to use persuasion. Knowing how to use persuasion is crucial to your success. Public speaking experts will often refer to examples of persuasive speeches by famous people,


Book Review: The 7 Principles of Public Speaking

[block] Whether you are beginner at public speaking or an experienced presenter, you’ll benefit from The 7 Principles of Public Speaking by communications expert Richard Zeoli. I thoroughly loved the book because of its informative content, numerous activities, engaging writing style, fascinating stories, and relevant quotations. In fact, it’s a valuable resource guide to refer


The 5 Most Effective Presentation Tips

Presenting effectively: a valuable skill I’m a web publisher, language teacher, consultant and author of numerous English as a second language (ESL) textbooks. I’ve been addressing audiences all my professional life. Giving an effective presentation is a valuable skill for any type of business person – like myself, a new employee of a company or



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