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Letter Writing Format

Traditional Letter Writing Format Business letter writing format can vary. I like to use the traditional letter writing format which can have some or all of the following features. In this post I have created a sample letter and underneath I have explained what each element is and how it is supposed to be used.


Writing a Research Report

I pointed out in Short Report Writing that a short report has a small number of sections. These may include: an introduction, procedure, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. A formal business research or analytical document, on the other hand, has many more sections, such as: Title page: the front page of the report includes the title of


Short Report Writing

According to Sylvie Donna, author of Teach Business English, report writing is extremely important but very difficult to write. I would add that this is especially true for non-native English speakers. Reports are important because they can have serious consequences and affect decisions. They are so hard to write because you have to collect, summarize


Tips For Email Writing

According to some estimates, 75 percent of business writing is in the form of email. It is the most commonly-used form of communication in the business world today. Like most business people, I use email several times a day. I use it formally with business people I have never met or dealt with before. I


How To Give An Informative Talk

If you are a manager, employee, freelance consultant or business owner, you probably have to give many different kinds of talks as part of your work. These presentations could be informative, demonstrative (“how to”) or persuasive talks.  There also may be situations where you have to give a special-occasion talk or an impromptu speech. Your goal


Effective Business Writing: Know how to self-edit

The BEHQ Guide to Business Writing covers 5 essential areas you must master to write clearly and effectively. In brief, The BEHQ Guide is a valuable resource that explains how to: understand your focus, plan properly, structure your document, use appropriate writing style, and self-edit your writing. Suppose you are the head of the human resources department at a



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