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BEHQ BookA new business writing book, Write Now: Business Writing That Gets Results, geared to intermediate and high-level non-native speakers of English, is now available. The book lays out a simple 15-step writing system that produces excellent business writing.

I am a Canadian-based educational writer, web publisher, and business consultant.  I am also co-author of nine ELT textbooks, including a two-level series of adult-level textbooks entitled Canadian Snapshots, published by Pearson Longman ESL  I also run a business writing website offering online courses, www.businessschoolhq.com.

What the book is about

Write Now teaches how to

1) learn your purpose,

2) understand your reader,

3) picture the situation,

4) brainstorm ideas,

5) research facts,

6) ask questions,

7) make an outline,

8) write a draft,

9) develop the message,

10) practice clear writing,

11) project the right tone,

12) develop your style,

13) revise the content,

14) edit your language, and

15) proofread the document.

Write Now is full of strategies and tips, language examples that learners can use, and language activities to improve their writing now.

What people are saying:

Write Now “is a marvelous book for non-native English speakers who have advanced reading and oral comprehension skills and now want to attain an equivalent level in business writing”  – Steven Bleau, Instructional Designer, FGL Sports.

Write Now “is very well-organized and comprehensive! A great tool for all levels!” – Maia Williamson, Language Instructor, Royal Military College.

Write Now “is a clear, thorough resource for anyone that needs to learn professional writing, or brush up on potentially rusty skills” – Danny Iny, Founder & CEO of Firepole Marketing.

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