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Why Should You Use Visual Communication in Business Writing?Visual Communication

Your goal as a business professional is to produce clear writing.  As I point out in Write Now, informative and persuasive writing makes you look better. It also holds your readers’ attention.  It keeps them glued to your text.  And it helps sell your ideas, products or services.

It’s an age of global communication. So clear communication helps non-native readers understand more easily.

This post focuses on the many benefits of visual communication in business writing.  It’s the first post in a new series on using visual communication in business writing.

What is visual communication in business writing?

Visual communication is simply the use of graphic tools.  These are visual means for sending and receiving messages. They make your text compelling to read.

You can use different graphic techniques.  For example, all my blog posts use headlines and subheadings.  I also vary the typeface (size of letter or character). For variety, I add occasionally  bullets, numbered items or lists of items – like in this post.

There are many other visual communication tools in business writing.  It would be fun to talk about cartoons, comic books and photographs.  But I am not a graphic designer. So I’ll pass on these.

I’m going to talk mainly about the benefits of using charts, graphs, and tables.  These are the top means of visual communication in business writing. This applies especially to long documents, business reports, or online writing, which Katie, my associate, writes about.

10 Reasons to Use Visual Communication In Business Writing

1. Readers expect to see graphics in documents.

2. Visual communication is pleasant to the eyes.

3. Graphics make long, monotonous text easy to read.

4. Visual tools summarize a text.

5. Graphics simplify and communicate complex ideas and data.

6. Visual aids help readers find ideas and data easily.

7. Charts and tables help to emphasize key ideas and concepts.

8. Graphics concisely show relationships.

9. Readers are less inclined to misinterpret information.

10. Readers remember visual information more easily.

Check my post on using tables in your business documents.

Visual communication is a hot topic. To learn more about it, check out Ned Racine’s informative book, Visual Communication.

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