Teach Academic Writing with “Teaching Writing”

What is Teaching Writing?

Teaching Writing,” 2nd edition, is a university-approved 3-credit teacher training course offered, by English Learner Portal, to teach academic writing.

Frank Bonkowski, teacher trainer and experienced English language teacher, specialist in academic writing, offers best practices for helping your intermediate and advanced English learners succeed in academic writing. You can register here.

Who is Teaching Writing for?

  • Beginner AND experienced English language teachers
  • English language teachers looking for new ideas and tools to teach academic writing
  • English language teachers who want to help their students write better
  • Busy teachers who want to take control of their own education 

What will you do in Teaching Writing ?

  • review critical issues in teaching and learning academic writing to English language learners (ELLs).
  • discover why teaching academic writing to ELLs is important.
  • acquire a variety of techniques and strategies for teaching writing skills to ELLs.
  • show ELLs examples of effective writing at the sentence, paragraph and text levels.
  • Illustrate to ELLs techniques for editing, revising and proofreading their writing.

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What does Teaching Writing include?

    • preview questions to check your prior knowledge;
    • module introduction:  summary of all the lectures in the module
    • a series of audiovisual lectures presenting the content through slide presentations and accompanying tapescripts
    • an interview with an English language teaching specialist in three of the five modules (1, 4, 5)
    • a reading
    • a self-assessment checklist
    • a graded quiz
    • Facebook discussion group

What did teachers like about Teaching Writing?

Taking “Teaching Writing” has been such a learning experience! Both personally and professionally. I found it very inspiring and energizing . . .

“Teaching Writing” is full of practical ideas that I could implement the next day with my students . . .

Why should you take Teaching Writing?

Frank says it best in the short video below.

I look forward to seeing you in the course.

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