How can Soft Skills Help Your Personal Branding?

Develop your soft skills to get employed

Soft skills and personal branding
Soft skills and personal branding

You got good grades at university in all your courses in your field of study.  Well done!  You feel proud of your level of technical proficiency.  But wait! That’s not enough in today’s competitive job world. You need more than hard skills to move from being unemployed to being employed.

You need great soft skills

According to research done at Career-Builder,  you need to develop your soft skills to set yourself apart.  More than three quarters of employers (over 75%) think that soft skills are just as important as hard skills in getting employed. Surprisingly, 16% of employers said that soft skills are more important. That’s important to  know.

Recently, Black Enterprise magazine listed the top 10 soft skills.  Employers love these soft skills.

Top 10 Soft Skills Percentage Employers Favour
  1. Strong Work Ethnic
  1.  Dependability
  1.  Positive attitude
  1.  Self-motivation
  1.  Team oriented
  1.  Organizational skills
  1.  Works well under pressure
  1.  Effective communication
  1. Flexibility
     10. Confidence 46

Do you want to know more about soft skills?

Check out Lei Han’s comprehensive soft skills list.  She lists 28 soft skills for working smart.  She divides soft skills into “Self-management skills” and “People skills.”

Her number 1 soft skill in interacting and working with others is effective communication.

According to Han, effective communication means “being able to actively listen to others and articulate your ideas in writing and verbally to . . . achieve the goals you intended with that communication.”

Do you want to communicate better in writing?

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 Which 3 soft skills do you want to improve? Please leave a comment.


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