Why Should You Use these Self-Esteem Activities?

Try these self-esteem activities to increase your confidence

Self-esteem activities
Self-esteem activities

In my last post, What is Your Level of Self-Esteem?, I talked about how important self-esteem and confidence are in meeting every day challenges. These two qualities act like boxing gloves to help you punch out doubts and fears.

How easy it to have a sensational self-image? According to Aleks Srbinoski, clinical pyschologist, it is very possible if you have the right mindset.  He is author of a forthcoming book entitled Maximum Mental Health.  The book will be coming out in mid-March of this year.

How to construct new beliefs

Aleks asserts that you can enhance your self-esteem by constructing new beliefs about yourself and your emotions.  He offers some valuable self esteem activities. First though, you need to see yourself differently.  Aleks recommends you take these 5 steps:

  • First, view yourself as unique.  This can be a source of tremendous power.
  • Second, accept yourself as you are, both physically and mentally.
  • Third, get into the habit of moving forward, living your most important values.
  • Fourth, be willing to learn from both positive and negative experiences.
  • Fifth, use your experiences in an empowering way.  Even your most difficult experiences can be turned into “symbols of strength and greater purpose”, according to Alex. You have the power to decide what these experiences mean.

Four self-esteem activities – turn stones into jewels

You – just like me – have limiting beliefs about yourself that fill your pockets with useless stones.  You can “re-frame” or transform these crippling beliefs. By changing how you see them, you can turn them into valuable jewels.

Here are some examples of limiting thinking. You can replace these negative thoughts by seeing them differently, by re-framing them, according to Aleks.  Try these four self-esteem activities.

Negative thought 1: “I’m not good enough.”

With all my experience and degrees, I sometimes say this to myself.  However, I constantly repeat to myself this expression:  “Be the best you can be.”  As a young person, you can’t  always be instantly successful.  It’s a process that you need to work towards.  Alex recommends that you re-frame this negative thought this way.

Re-frame: My competence grows with constant effort and practice.

Negative thought 2: “I don’t deserve it.  I’m not worthy enough.”

This is an easy trap to fall into.  This negative thought may go back to your childhood or a bad experience you had at school.  Maybe your parents kept on telling you that you needed to work harder to succeed.  Aleks recommends  paying attention to others who have succeeded and learn from them.  He would rephrase this negative thought in this way.

Re-frame: Whether I win or not, I deserve success.

Negative thought 3: “I’m a failure.”

I’ve had tremendous successes in my life, such as getting a PhD and writing best-selling textbooks. I’ve also had some embarrassing failures, such as losing thousands of dollars in bad business deals.  It’s easy sometimes to stress the failures rather than the successes.  However, with each failure I’ve learned many lessons.  Aleks would rephrase this negative thought this way.

Re-frame: I’m a learner (and a pretty darn stubborn one too).

Negative thought 4. “I don’t have the money/time/resources.”

 I often hear young adults say this.  They think that by not having enough money, time or resources they won’t succeed.   According to Aleks, “There is always a way to find more money/resources if you keep connecting to more and more people and are patient enough. The key is patience and perseverance.”  So Aleks recommends you say this to yourself.


Re-frame: I will consistently work at it and find the money/time/resources.

What is your number 1 limiting or negative thought?  What do you tell yourself?

I’d love hearing from you.


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