Job Interview Persuasive Techniques

Effective Persuasive Techniques to Put You in the Best Light

Effective persuasive techniques
Persuasive techniques to get you hired

In recent blog posts, we’ve written a lot about personal branding, This is especially important for recent college or university graduates. We’ve also explored interviewing skills you can practice.

In today’s post, let’s look at 3 persuasive techniques. Try them  in your next job interview. These techniques can put you in the best light. They can help make recruiters like you.

Persuasive techniques can make a big difference

Influence expert Kenneth Brown is author of Influence: Mastering Life’s Most Powerful Skill. In talking about “impression management,” Brown describes 3 persuasive techniques. If you use them with sincerity, they can help you sail through a job interview.

Persuasive Techniques #1: Shake hands firmly.

Brown refers to  research that a firm handshake can make a significant difference in a job interview.  Recruiters are favorably impressed with people with a firm handshake.  It may indicate that you are competent and caring.

Persuasive Techniques #2: Look for common ground.

Look for opportunities to share common opinions with the interviewer. This tactic makes a good impression on recruiters.  But don’t overdo it.

Persuasive Techniques #3: Give compliments.

Another good tactic is to say something positive about the other person.  This also creates a positive impression on recruiters.

In the interview, you want to avoid excuses. You also want to stay away from justifications or apologies to protect your reputation.  These defensive tactics put you in a negative light.

Success Indicators

Now you have the job. What’s next? You need to keep on selling yourself within the organization.  Here are some important success indicators.  In How to Sell Yourself, Ray Gross recommends that you:

–  Do your job well.

–  Be committed.

–  Show energy.

–  Have a positive attitude.

–  Demonstrate ongoing learning.

Have you used any of these persuasive techniques in a job interview? What happened? I’d love hearing from you.


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