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Personal Branding Questions to Sell Yourself Effectively

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In my previous post on Personal Branding Strategy, I asked you 10 personal branding questions to define who you are and what your own life’s values and goals are.

You need to be constantly examining your values and goals in the ever-changing workplace.  According to an article in the New York Times, “Reinventing Themselves, Without a Net,” young adults change jobs frequently. In fact, “According to the Labor Department, adults born in the early 1980s held an average of 6.2 jobs from ages 18 to 26.”

So it’s worthwhile to keep track of your ever-changing values, goals, and experiences.  Here some more personal branding questions to ask yourself.

9 questions to ask yourself

Success Magazine is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and business people.  Recently, I came across an informative article, “Selling Yourself.”  It listed some personal branding ideas from top business leaders. The article prompted me to ask you these 9 personal branding questions,

Personal Branding Questions #1:  Are you confident in everything when it comes to selling yourself?

According to top business leaders,  you need to know who you are and how you can add value in the workplace.  Show that you have the problem-solving skills to get the job done.

Personal Branding Questions #2:  Are you committed?

Do you  have personal interests and hobbies that set you apart?  Are you passionate about these activities?  I know I’m impressed when I meet a young person who’s daring and different.

Personal Branding  Questions #3:   Do you ask questions?

I’m always trying to find out what other people are working on or looking for.  It shows that you’re interested in other people. You never know what will you learn or what doors will open for you.

Personal Branding  Question #4:  Do you make eye contact when you’re speaking?

This helps you concentrate on what people are saying.  It also shows interest in what others are saying.

Personal Branding  Questions #5:  Do you keep a steady pitch when you’re talking?

Don’t end a sentence with a question inflection.  According to one business leader, it shows weakness in your position.  You want to come across as trustworthy and strong.

Personal Branding Questions #6:  Are you trustworthy?

We can often tell within the first 2 minutes of a conversation if someone is trustworthy or not.  Make sure that you come across as someone who cares about others.  Be honest and sincere.

Personal Branding Questions #7:  How do others perceive you?

This is a key part of personal branding.  Make sure others see you as a person who offers unique value, a person who is credible.

Personal Branding Questions #8:  Do you make it obvious that you’re selling yourself?

Don’t!  Show others that you willing to learn and improve yourself constantly.  Employers value people who love and care about those they work with.  Be humble.

Personal Branding Questions #9:  Are you focused and persistent?

Employers like working with people who are authentic, persistent, and focused. Are you?  I find that I’m not always focused.  It’s something most people need to work on.

 Which 3 questions do you struggle with? I appreciate hearing from you.


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