Mastering English Gives Competitive Edge



English is today’s language of global communication and international business. So it is absolutely necessary that you speak and write English correctly.

It is estimated that globally up to one billion people speak some form of English. There are three times as many non-native English (non-NE) speakers as native speakers. In addition, there exists many varieties of English across countries and cultures.

How English Helps You

So what can a high level of written English do for you? If you are beginning your professional career, you could use effective business writing to move you ahead faster. You may need English to write a CV, a job application, a letter, a start-up proposal or a business plan.

On the other hand, you may be an experienced freelance consultant, a manager, or owner of a company. You need high level business writing skills to gain a competitive edge. Through informative and persuasive writing, you could better catch your reader’s attention, sell your products or services, or motivate your employees.

When you are presenting a talk, you can rely to a great extent on your body language and voice to get your message across.

In writing, however, you don’t have those tools to count on. You have to use the power of your words to convey your message. In addition, as a non-NE speaker you have another challenge in expressing yourself effectively in writing: English is not your first language.

Fiona Talbot, author of How to Write Effective Business English, recommends a systematic approach to writing:

  • Be clear about what you want to express in your own native language.
  • Think about how you would express the thoughts in English.
  • Write out the thoughts in “correct” written English.
  • Review the written English to see if readers will correctly interpret your thoughts.

If you can do this effectively, readers will respond positively to your message.

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