How to Help Struggling English Language Learners

Learning problems and how Off2Class can overcome them

At the college where I teach in Montréal, each term more and more English language learners enter with different kinds of learning issues. How can classroom teachers deal with these seemingly overwhelming problems without burning themselves out? This blog post will focus on how Off2Class can help English language learners and teachers as explained in an interview with Chris Rush.

One of the main learning disabilities is dyslexia, in which learners have problems understanding what they read or hear. See my video on teaching English language learners with dyslexia.

A second area of concern is ADHD,  where English-language learners lose focus on tasks. Just the other day, a student came to my office saying she couldn’t come to class because of an anxiety attack.  Then, there are those students who have weak listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Others have poor study skills or don’t know how to manage their time.

If you are an English language teacher with class sizes ranging from 25 to 35 students, what can you do to help struggling English language learners?  There is no easy solution which is not labour-intensive. English Learner Portal has resources for helping English language learners.

One important teaching strategy is remedial instruction. It incorporates different activities, exercises and practices to work on student weaknesses.  For some teachers there is access to a remedial learning centre, where English language leaners can get individual attention from tutors. Find about other teaching strategies.

Another key strategy is offering English language learners individualized learning materials. How can Off2Class help?

In my inaugural Master Teacher Interview series, Chris Rush from Off2Class offers ideas and teaching strategies on using individualized teaching in the English classroom. If you are in the classroom ESL teacher or an online ESL teacher, I’m sure you’re going to find the interview with Chris Rush useful.

Chris Rush: strategies to help English language learners with Off2Class

About Chris Rush from Off2Class:

Chris Rush has been teaching online English lessons since 2012, and he currently serves as the “teacherpreneur-in-residence” at Off2Class.  He helps onboard new teachers and helps them transition from the classroom. You can find his blog articles, videos, and helpful teaching tips by signing up for a free trial account at He can be reached at

1:25 Give us a quick overview of the kinds of things that Off2Class does to help English-language teachers as well as learners, both at K12 levels and at higher levels?

2:36  Tell us about the kinds of successes you have had with teachers using Off2Class?

Individualized English language learning with Off2Class

4:19 Can teachers supplement their teaching with Off2Class?

6:06 Can learners use the materials for remedial work?

6:40 Does the platform track learning progress?

8:17 Tell me more about the 800 lessons that Off2Class has?

10:31 Do teachers have some freedom to customize a lesson in the Step-by-step program?

11:47: What’s the process for a teacher to use Off2Class?

13:37: Does it work on any device?

13:48: Do you have an app?

14:15 How does the pricing work?

15:03 Does the student pay for access?

16:20 What are the options for teachers and institutions in using Off2Class?

17:05 How can it help teachers who want to teach online to supplement their income?

17:45 What are three take-aways for teachers in today’s interview?

19:00 How long does a plan last?

19:20: How can teachers get in touch with you?

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