Tips For Email Writing

According to some estimates, 75 percent of business writing is in the form of email. It is the most commonly-used form of communication in the business world today.

Like most business people, I use email several times a day. I use it formally with business people I have never met or dealt with before. I use email semi-formally with colleagues or people I already know and informally with people I am familiar, such as business associates.

As I show in Understand Your Focus, and Use Appropriate Writing Style, you have to be aware of the goals of your writing and the right tone and style to use.

In both formal and semi-formal situations, I make it a habit to:

  • think carefully about to whom I am writing and what they may be thinking. I want to make a good impression and get people to agree to and act upon what I am writing.
  • reflect on my purpose or objectives for writing before I start and organize my ideas just as if I was writing a business letter.
  • adapt my style to the reader. I want to be brief, simple and concise. I also want to use the appropriate tone.
  • be friendly, polite and professional. I avoid joking around or being funny.
  • pay attention to quality control by checking punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • consider who else besides my intended reader may see the message. I don’t want to write any silly remarks or comments that may insult others.
  • pay attention to layout by using, for example, a good subject heading.
  • make the email easy to read.
  • follow up the email with a fax or letter because some people do not always read their emails or it may be sent to the spam folder.

There are tons of ways to increase your writing skills. In fact, we have put together a very compelling e-mail writing course. All you have to do to get immediate and free access is to fill out the form on the right side of this post or in the box directly below this post.

If you have questions about writing a compelling email, don’t hesitate to ask.

3 thoughts on “Tips For Email Writing”

  1. frédérique and Daphnée

    It’s really interesting , beacause it’s true that e-mails are the basic form of communication in our society. A lot of people do not see the importance of writting correctly e-mails. Thank you for your tips!

    1. Hi Ladies,

      Thank you for your comment. Writing a good email is not especially complicated. But it does require some thought.

      That is why Craig and I put together a free email writing course. It has lots of information and activities.

      This first lesson will look briefly at the use, organization, structure and formatting of email writing. The second lesson will look at tone and etiquette in writing emails, a key ingredient of successful business communication.

      In lesson three, we will cover some of the common acronyms and e-terms used in today’s ever-changing international business context.

      The fourth lesson touches on the use of correct grammar that can apply to email writing. In the final lesson, we review the 10 main Do’s and Don’ts of email writing.

      The free course is part of our ToolKit.

  2. Hi Frank,

    This subject is really interesting. It is true that it is important to use correct writing style when it comes to emails. However, I would like to know how to choose the appropriate tone.

    Thank you.


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