Common Writing Mistakes

Learners’ Common Writing Mistakes

Common writing mistakes
Common writing mistakes

It’s no fun making mistakes, especially in important situations. It’s one thing dropping your ice cream. It’s much more serious writing poorly when your reputation is at stake.

Let’s revisit writing mistakes that non-native English speaking language learners often make.

In a previous post, I looked at the misuse of the adjectives “good” and “bad” as well as the adverbs “well” and “badly.” Even native speakers of English are guilty of misusing these words.

Another common writing mistake is misusing linking words. Transitions make a big difference in good writing. They help you understand the flow of a sentence as well as organize several sentences together.

Recently, I asked my upper-level students to tell me their number 1 mistake in writing in English. In an informal survey, here are the common writing mistakes they mentioned related to content and language.

Writing mistakes: content

Students mentioned writing mistakes at the sentence level and paragraph level as well as for the entire document they are writing.

I have trouble to:

Content writing mistakes
Content writing mistakes

Express or explain my ideas.

Develop my ideas.

Come up with a thesis or main idea.

Find a good introduction.

Develop my paragraphs.

Formulate my sentences.

Come up with a conclusion.

Organize my paragraph structure.

Use good connecting words to link one sentence to the other.

Summarize my thoughts.

Introduce citations.

Use citation methods properly.

Writing mistakes: languageWriting mistakes: language

Students mentioned writing mistakes they experience with English grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation.

I have trouble to:
Find the right words to express myself.

Use basic grammar of English.

Use the appropriate verb tenses.

Choose particular vocabulary and specific words.

Spell properly.

Improve my vocabulary

Use the right punctuation.

What about your number 1 problem in writing in English? Share your thoughts with us.

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