Common acronyms used in email writing

In this fifth post in the email writing series, we cover some of the common acronyms used in today’s ever-changing international business context. With the growing use of email and instant messaging, we are all looking for shortcuts to speed up our communication.

Using acronyms help us communicate faster. These are shortened “words” formed from the first letter of other words. For example, if you are a mixed martial arts fan you know what MMA stands for. Or if you are a football (soccer) fan you know that FC means Football Club. Always keep your reader in mind. Be careful not to overuse acronyms

Here is a list of 15 commonly used acronyms.  How many do you know?

Match the acronym with its meaning. Then check your answer. Print out this list and keep it next to your computer. Use acronyms when appropriate in your email writing.

1. AR

a. thanks in advance

2. BTW

b. regards

3. F2F

c. no later than

4. FAQ

d. great minds think alike


e. in other words

6. FYI

f. please


g. thanks

8. IOW

h. face to face

9. LMK

i. action required

10. NLT

j. for your information

11. PLS

k. frequently asked questions

12. RGDS

l. with regards to

13. THX

m. for your eyes only

14. TIA

n. by the way

15. WRT

o. let me know


1. i, 2. n., 3. h, 4. k, 5. m, 6. j, 7. d, 8. e, 9. k, 10. c, 11. f, 12. b, 13. g, 14. a, 15. l

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