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Know Your Audience

Picture the Audience In my book, Write Now, I describe 15 simple steps for good writing. Step 1 is know your purpose. You need a objective or goal for writing. This may be to inform, to persuade or to build goodwill. Step 2 is know your audience. “There is no way you will achieve your


Note Taking Tips

Effective Note Taking Tips This is the third post in my series on effective note taking tips to help you become a better professional or more  successful student. The first post, The Art of Note Taking explained why note taking is important and how to use symbols next to important points in your notes. The second


Note Taking Techniques: Two-Column Method

Note Taking Techniques to Practice In a recent post, The Art of Note Taking, I mentioned several reasons for taking notes at a meeting or a conference. First, it keeps you focused and alert. Second, it shows that the speaker – perhaps your boss, colleague or instructor – is saying something important. Third, it provides


The Art of Note Taking

Practice the Art of Note Taking I’ve been a fan of the art of note taking all my professional life – as a student, an academic, and a business person.  I always keep a notebook with me whenever I attend a meeting,  conference or lecture. Using a notebook is not the only way to take


Summarizing – An Important Writing Skill

Practice Summarizing In Write Now: Business Writing That Gets Results (p. 42), I point out that summarizing or stating the general ideas of the text in your own words is an important skill in business writing. Here is part of an article by Christopher McCormick entitled “Countries with better English have better economies” that appeared in


Using correct grammar in email writing

1. Question words Rule: – Use “who” for people – Use “where” for place – Use “why” for reason – Use “when” for time – Use “what” for information Example: We are putting together a questionnaire. The first question is “___________ is your date of birth?”  The second question is “____________ were you born?”  It



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