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Helen Hefter, College ESL Specialist

This interview with Helen Hefter, ESL specialist, follows on my first interview with Chris Rush of Off2Class about helping struggling English language learners. Helen Hefter teaches college-level ESL and academic writing in Montreal. She has taught English as a second language at two universities in South Korea. She currently teaches at Montmorency College in Laval,


Academic Writing in the Blended Classroom

  A blended learning approach (sometimes referred to as hybrid teaching) to academic writing seems to be the best of both worlds. This approach combines online instruction with face-to-face classroom interaction. Many report that the blended classroom–regardless of which model is used–is flexible and convenient, as it offers access to lots of resources. Using online tools


Making Sense of the Revising Process

A Systematic Writing Approach to Revising, Editing, Proofreading if you have upper-intermediate to advanced English language learners, you probably teach some form of writing.  I would suspect also that you teach the revising process.  Or do you? Whenever I ask my upper-level ESL students to define the revising process, they look at me as if



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