8 Interview Tips from Young Job Seeker

Great Interview Tips
Great Interview Tips

Smart Interview Tips

I am always impressed when I come across sharp young people who radiate energy and enthusiasm, especially when they’re willing to share their secret interview tips.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea, a bright 24-year-old communication major, at a networking event.  I learned she’s in the process of applying for a job in communication at small companies based in the Montréal area.

She hasn’t landed her ideal job yet. But she has been putting into practice some amazing strategies in her job search.  She was kind enough to share with me her favorite interview tips for impressing interviewers.

8 Great Interview Tips

Ben Franklin, the famous American politician, once said: “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.”  Andrea couldn’t agree more.  Prepare well for your next job interview by using these effective interview tips from this remarkable young lady.

1. Be prepared

Prepare yourself by reading a lot about the company on its website–its history, mission, values, accomplishments, and its blog posts. Know all you can about the company’s past activities and its future direction to see how you could best fit in. But don’t limit yourself to the company’s website.  Check other sources of information to get an objective point of view about the company.

2. Use social media

Most companies today use social media to brand themselves, especially communication companies.  So it’s important to look at their Facebook and Twitter pages to see what they’re doing and get a sense of how they act.

3. Know about the company’s top people

Read the descriptions of the key people who work for the company. In small companies, these will be the people who will probably interview you. Read their profiles in LinkedIn. This kind of research may give you a sense of the team dynamics in the company. Think of how your experience could connect with theirs.

4. Be confident

Take on a confident attitude in the interview. Be relaxed as much as you can. If you are very nervous, turn it to your advantage by making a joke of it in some way.

Be ready to answer honestly questions about your strengths and weaknesses. Be proud of your achievements and be ready to describe them in detail. Talk about your weaknesses in a positive way.

For example, let’s say you know that you tend to avoid confrontation even when it may hurt your interests. You might mention that you’re working on being more direct in your communication with others.

It’s very important to develop the courage to set limits to the interviewer’s questioning if, for example, the questions get too personal.

5. Give examples of what you’ve done

Be sure to address the specific requirements of the job description. In other words, know exactly what the company is looking for so you can tailor your own experience and skills to match this. So if the company, in its job listing, is seeking design skills for online publishing, mention any projects you’ve worked on in this area.

6. Show interest in the company

Be ready to ask questions about the company when the opportunity presents itself. You should prepare questions in advance that you can use both at the beginning and towards the end of the interview.   This tactic shows that you are a self-starter.

7. Take the initiative

In your research, find out what are the expectations of the company regarding working relationships if possible. Know what kind of employer they are. Show that you’re interested in creating good professional relationships with people in the company.

8. Be at your best

Be sure to get a good night’s sleep before the interview. Be rested and prepared to put your best foot forward.

If you want to know more about Andrea, please contact me at Frank@BusinessEnglishHQ.com.


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3 thoughts on “8 Interview Tips from Young Job Seeker”

  1. To add to #1:

    – Read recent news stories about the company. Some stories will be on the press release page within the Web site. Find other stories (and perspectives) on the company via Google.com, GlassDoor.com, Hoovers.com (for business profiles), and news sites, like CNN, Reuters, and CNBC to name a few.

    – Be ready for the question, “What do you know about our company?” You should be able to rattle off number of employees, number of offices, revenue last year, products and services, and a news story or two. (This can score you bonus points.)

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