How Can These 3 Personal Branding Activities Help You?

Create an Action Plan with These 3 Personal Branding Activities

In today’s post, I want to focus on a few personal branding activities. In my previous post, 9 Personal Branding Questions, I listed 9 thought-provoking questions to ask yourself.  They are based on the qualities and personality traits that top business leaders are looking for in good job candidates.

Let’s now look at some personal branding activities. I came across them in a delightful book by Erica Sosna,  Your Life Plan.  These activities –  based on the metaphor of the Hero’s Journey – will give you a better grounding in who you are.  They will also help you to improve your talents and motivations.

Here is a sampler of just some of the questions that Sosna asks.

Personal Branding: Your life plan
Personal Branding Activities

Personal Branding Activities #1:  What are the heroic qualities that you most value?

Think about the heroic qualities that you admire in a friend, family member or a well-known person.  Write down 3 qualities that inspire you the most.

For example, I admire these 3 qualities in my father-in-law, Jacques.

–  hard-working,  generous,  family-oriented

By the way, Jacques is 83 years old and is still working as a mechanical engineer.

Ask yourself what heroic qualities you would like to have most in your life.

Personal Branding Activities #2:  What are your unique features and benefits?

Just like a brand-name product, each of us has unique features and benefits.  Here is an example of some of my features and benefits as a classroom teacher.

Features Benefits
I respect and encourage students. Students feel more confident.
I give constructive feedback. Students learn better.
I encourage group discussion. Students participate more.


Now brainstorm about yourself.  You can also ask a friend or a family member to describe your unique features and benefits. Be sure to write them down.

Personal Branding Activities #3:  What are your natural “intelligences”?

The American academic, Howard Gardner,  came up with the notion of 9 natural intelligences.  These intelligences include:

1)  spatial (knowing how to use space)

2)  interpersonal (knowing how to work effectively with others)

3)  linguistic  (knowing how to use language to accomplish goals)

4)  logical/mathematical  (know-how to use logic)

5)  musical (understanding harmony, melody and pitch)

6)  intra-personal  (knowing how to  understand oneself)

7)  bodily/kinesthetic (knowing how to use your body properly)

8)  naturalistic (knowing how to use information about the environment)

9)  moral (respecting the sanctity of life).

I would say that my top 3 natural intelligences are interpersonal, linguistic, and bodily/ kinesthetic. Now identify your top 3 intelligences.

In her book, Sosna goes on to ask you to identify your values and determine your risk profile (high, medium or low). She also asks you to think about the best work context in which you would fit.

Check out her book for more personal branding activities: Your Life Plan.


Let me know what you think? I’d love hearing from you.

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