3 Career Success Myths

Busting 3 Myths about a Having a Successful Career

3 Career Success Myths
3 Career Success Myths

In my last few blog posts I’ve been giving you some great resume writing ideas. Writing a remarkable  resume that gets results is not as simple as it looks, especially if you are a non-native English speaker.  See for example, Smart Resume Writing for lots of tips on looking as professional as you can.

In this week’s post, let’s examine three career success myths based on Ford Myers’ book, Get the Job You Want.

Myth 1:  The most qualified candidate gets the job

I would venture to say that most university grads think that being smart, getting good grades and working hard are guarantees to getting a dream job. That’s far from the truth according to Ford in his book.

Liam Hickey, our guest columnist–see his informative article Resume Bullets: Factual Bragging–told me this anecdote about Bill Gates and Steve jobs he saw in the film, “The Pirates of Silicon Valley (see the 2:00 minute point in the video).

In the early years when they were working on their operating systems,  Jobs reportedly said to Gates that his OS was better than Windows. Gates responded furiously: “You don’t get it Steve. That doesn’t matter.”  Whether this story is true or not,  it illustrates that the best don’t initially come out on top.

Career Success Myths Buster 1: Candidates that sell themselves the best usually get the job.

Myth 2: Finishing university is the end of your education

If you think this is the case, you might as well spend your days at the beach. You are completely out of touch with today’s competitive job market.

In his book, Ford says that building your knowledge and skills is an absolute must if you want to be attractive to hiring managers. Keeping up with the latest trends in your field, attending workshops and seminars, getting additional certifications — all show that you’re serious about your profession.

Career Success Myths Buster 2: Candidates that continue to build their knowledge and intellectual resources usually get the job.

Myth 3: Once you get your dream job you don’t need to do any more job research.

Ford says that you must always be aware of the competition and other professionals in your industry. You must know who they are and what they’re doing. Being assertive like this will put you in position to find a better job if, by chance, you lose your job or wish to move to another company.

Career Success Myths Buster 3: Candidates that stay on top of their field know their business value.

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