10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Style

Improve Your Writing Style and Get the Job

Improve your writing style
Improve your writing style

This post on how to improve your writing style  is the eight post in the series how to get hired, aimed at non-native speakers of English looking for a job.

Employers look for individuals who have many qualities, such as thinking critically, solving problems, and communicating well in writing.

10 Strategies to Master

Here are 10 strategies from the pen of Rudolf Flesch that will improve your writing style. Put them into practice and your readers will give you the attention you deserve. For more ways to improve your writing style, see our writing book.

1. Minimize articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. For example, replace “the evidence we

have” with “evidence we have.” Replace “and” with a comma or semicolon.

2. Use pronouns rather than repeating nouns. Instead of writing “the Internal Revenue Service” several times, use “it” or “they.”

3. Know how to “factor” expressions. Instead of writing “operating revenue and operating costs,”

write “operating revenue and costs.”

4. Use the active rather than the passive voice. Instead of writing “Your assistance is needed,”

write “Please help us.”

5. Use verbs rather than nouns. Instead of writing “We have information,” write “We know.”

6. Use contractions. Instead of writing “do not,” write “don’t.” Use short names. After you write “the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,” just write the Society.

8. Employ figures, symbols, abbreviations. Using abbreviations for common entities or ideas makes writing flow much better. For example, most people will know what I.Q. means but if you’re writing for an international audience, not everyone will know what the IRS is, so it’s worth explaining it the first time you mention them – “The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has…”

9. Use punctuation to save words – for example, the colon.

10. Eliminate all needless words. Instead of writing “factual information”, write “facts”.

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