10 things to Do to Get Hired

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Are You Looking To Get Hired in Business or Technology?

This is the first of a series of blog posts on how to get hired, aimed at non-native speakers of English looking for a job.  You know very well that to get hired in English you need both high-level oral and writing skills.

When hiring, many employers look for four main qualites in job candidates.  Outstanding individuals:

  • Can think critically and solve problems,
  • Are professional and have a good work ethic,
  • Are potential leaders,
  • Communicate well in writing.

Let’s focus on the last quality. To get hired, you need to write well many different kinds of documents, such as CVs or resumes and cover letters. This is immensely important.  But there are many other writing tasks you need to master to get hired.

What writing tasks do you need to master to get hired?

To get hired for the job you want,  you need to do well many different kinds of writing tasks.

Here is a list of 10 things you should master to get hired.

1. Describe your personal qualities and communication style using a variety of powerful adjectives,  such as assertive, confident and driven.

2. Identify your skills, knowledge, and experience, such as working well in teams, developing a wide knowledge of your field, and knowing when to talk and when to listen.

3.  Create a great LinkedIn profile to use as a job-search and networking tool.

4. Use appropriate business writing style and follow some simple but effective writing techniques (see Write Now: Business Writing That Gets Results).

5.  Draft a persuasive application letter that includes power verbs,  setting you apart from the competition.

6.  Write a great CV that will get you a job interview.

7.  Compose an eye-catching cover letter to accompany your CV.

8.  Know how to deal with writing tasks at assessment centers, such as writing memos,  emails and notes in  role-playing situations.

9.  Write a concise JIST card, a mini-CV (an amazing job search tool according to Michael Farr).

10. Send out follow-up thank-you letters after an interview, a great strategy to show your professionalism.




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