Frank Bonkowski

Frank Bonkowski is an educational writer, English language teacher, and web publisher. Most importantly, he’s a lifestyle athlete who trains constantly to keep up with younger players on the basketball court. But that’s another story.

He loves writing, but that wasn’t always the case. His wife, Jackie, finds him writing in his journal every morning and night, which drives her crazy. On a serious note, he co-wrote Write Now: Business Writing That Gets Results.

Previously, he consulted on nine textbook projects, both as course writer and project manager in some cases. He designed, managed and co-authored a two-level series of adult-level ESL textbooks, entitled Canadian Snapshots, published by Pearson Longman ESL.

One of the highlights of his life was co-writing a five-level high-school English-second language Take series, published by ERPi of Montreal. It exceeded everyone’s expectations by earning over $27 million in revenues. With the spare change that project gave him, he decided to retire and tour the world. Not really! He went to the UK to do a doctorate in English language teaching. Crazy idea – but a lot of fun.

In his younger days, he taught at several universities: McGill, Concordia, and TELUQ, a center of distance education. At McGill, he directed the teacher-training program at the Faculty of Education. At TELUQ, he created a series of four university-level distance education courses in English language teaching for teacher training. He now teaches young adults at Cegep Saint-Laurent and swears it’s the secret to staying young.

As a business consultant, he was director of an ESL division of Pearson ESL in Montreal. Another highlight of his life was getting fired from that job. When you don’t see eye-to-eye with your bosses, it’s best to move on. A very happy moment indeed, which led to many other opportunities.

In another adventurous move way out of his element, he served as representative of a firm specializing in mergers & acquisitions for small businesses. He was also president of a chapter of Business Network International in Montreal for one year.