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How to Write a Simplified Business Proposal

Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience in creating online learning materials. A while back, I had the opportunity to work with a colleague who wished to submit a business proposal to produce an e-course for a bank. Many proposals are sent in response to a request for proposal, what is known for short as


3 Proven Ways to Give an Effective Short Talk

I recently gave a 30-minute talk to a group of English second-language teachers about the features and benefits of using Moodle, a popular learning management system (LMS). The e-learning software tool was developed to help educators create online courses. I use it extensively in my own work. So I wanted to share my thrill in


Writing an Effective Personal Essay

Are you thinking of applying to a MBA program? Writing a personal essay to show your colors is one of the important steps in the application process. Top business programs require a personal essay anywhere between 400 to 1000 words. The subject of the essay may vary — it could be about your professional job


12 Tips For Writing a Cover Letter

Here are a dozen tips for sending a cover letter along with your résumé to a company you would like to work for.  There is also a sample cover letter to guide you in getting the proper format of the letter. Study carefully the company you are applying to. Don’t send the same cover letter


10 Tips For A How-To Talk

Do you need to give a “how to” talk for your company? Follow the advice in this article and it will make the task of giving a demonstrative presentation easier. Use the case study as a guide to preparing your next “how to” talk and impress your listeners. In another article on giving an informative


Four Networking Strategies That Work

Face-to-face networking can bring great dividends Have you just completed your business degree and are looking to meet people to get a job interview? Are you the business manager of an IT company seeking alliances with other companies? Are you a small business owner wishing to generate leads for your company? Several years ago, I



Receive 6 Key Teaching Strategies

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