3 Ways to Overcome a Rejected CV

A Rejected CV Can Be Very Stressful

Overcome a rejected CV
Overcome a rejected CV

This post on overcoming a rejected CV is the seventh of a series of blog posts on how to get hired, aimed at non-native speakers of English looking for a job.

So far I’ve shared a lot of information with you in this series.

Some of the things we looked at are:

– 10 writing and speaking tasks  you need to master to get hired,

– A CV writing checklist,

– How to improve your LinkedIn profile,

– Strategies for writing a good application letter, and

– Steps to take after a job interview.

Let’s now look at some reasons why your CV can get rejected.

In today’s competitive job market it’s not easy to make your mark, as you probably well know.  You really need to set yourself apart in writing both your CV and your cover letter.

According to John Lees in his handy book, Just the Job, there are many reasons why CVs get rejected.

Overcome a Rejected CV

Problem 1:

Your CV may not be customized to the particular job that is advertised.  The CV may lack the knowledge or skills that are required for the job. Or  perhaps the style of the CV was wrong.


Make it easy for the hiring manager to find what he or she is looking for in your CV.

Problem 2:

Your professional profile or summary of the CV sends the wrong message to the hiring manager.  Or the objective of the CV may be too limited.


Be coherent in matching the job description, your objective, and your skills and abilities.

Problem 3:

You talk too much about your education and not enough about your skills and abilities.


Stress the skills and abilities youI learned at university and how they apply to the job you are  looking for.


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